Savanah Jade Lutchmenarain

My name is Savanah Jade Lutchmenarain, I am 18 years old and I live in Phoenix. I matriculated at Earlington Secondary School in 2017.

My hobbies include swimming, dancing and reading. I am very passionate about water. I have completed 13 Midmar Miles to date. I am a qualified Senior Lifeguard and ‘Learn To Swim’ Instructor. I am also a trained and qualified First Aider.

I am a part of this programme because I am very passionate about the ocean and the life it contains. I would like to learn more about the ocean and the marine life.

My expectation is to raise awareness to the public about marine pollution and how they can help reduce it. I would like to share my knowledge with my community as I believe that we should sustain our environment for the future.