Vanessa Nzimande

I am Vanessa Nzimande, an 18 year old ‘Alpha Female’. I was born and bred in Umlazi and I completed my studies at Queensburgh Girls High School (Class of 2017). I am member of the Bremen-Durban Ocean Championship Programme because I want to gain more knowledge about environmental management, as well as to educate more people about the knowledge and skills I receive in the duration of this programme. Ultimately, I want to add value by using my abilities to make the project a success.

My goal is to: ‘Leave a Positive Footprint as a Bremen-Durban Oceans Champion in the Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department’

I expect to gain skills that will help me tackle other projects practically and theoretically. Even when the contract of the project ends, I will make means for the programme to continue as the knowledge we as the champions gain during the 24month period will be shared globally, therefore enabling us to implement interventions that could help save the planet.